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OS Version10 heightens the security for your device, featuring continuous, free updates. Gamers will revel in unmatched gameplay through unique features such as Broadcast and Game Mode. Additionally, with in-built applications for 3D creation, photos, music, movies, maps, and more, OS Version10 Home emerges as a powerhouse for unprecedented creativity and productivity. This version is licensed for a single PC.

OS Version10 Pro is an indispensable partner for businesses, encompassing all the capabilities of OS Version10 Home, with the addition of essential business-oriented features like encryption, remote access, and the creation of virtual machines, among others. Users will enjoy quick start-ups, a refined yet familiar Start menu, and new, innovative ways for performing tasks, all alongside groundbreaking features like a newly designed browser for online activities, and Cortana, your individual digital assistant.

Tailored for Business:
– Seamless Connectivity: Effortlessly connect to your business or school domain, or Active Directory, providing straightforward access to network files, servers, printers, and more.
– Superior Encryption: Step up security with BitLocker, which provides robust encryption and security management to protect your information.
– Remote Connectivity: OS Version10 empowers you with remote desktop access, enabling you to use your Pro PC from anywhere.
– Virtual Environments: Harness Hyper-V to establish and manage virtual machines, allowing you to operate multiple operating systems on the same PC concurrently.

Protect your data with BitLocker, and apply the same security to removable storage with BitLocker to Go. Version 10 Pro integrates Defender Antivirus, using the prowess of cloud technology, wide-ranging optics, machine learning, and behavioral analysis to shield your devices from advanced, emerging threats. Continuous updates fortify your protection against both current and impending dangers.

Access your files, folders, and applications securely from almost anywhere with an internet connection through Remote Desktop. Start editing a document at your office, make progress at the cafe on your phone, and wrap it up on your home PC.

Continue exactly where you left off, irrespective of location. Whether it’s webpages, Office documents, or photos, interact with them on your phone and then send them straight to your computer.

Capture fleeting ideas with Version Ink before they escape. Access an Ink Workspace instantly with a click of a digital pen or right from your taskbar, even before you log in. Pair inking seamlessly with Office and other applications for intelligent note-taking, simple document annotation, and precise sketching or drawing.

Enhance your productivity with Timeline and Focus Assist. With the Your Phone app, bypass the hassle of finding your phone by directly accessing texts and photos on your computer.